14. How does ROC feel about free speech for radical anti-abortion activists?

ROC is 100% against the message of radical anti-abortion activists, but we also support their right to free speech. We are not hypocrites in our support of First Amendment rights for all.

ROC opposed a recent court ruling that would broaden what can be considered physically threatening speech to include material that can simply be interpreted as threatening while not being directly threatening speech with a goal of shutting down web-sites of pro-life activists that contained questionable material that went right to edge of being a physical threat, but did not actually cross that line.

Here is an article that explains why we must protect the free speech rights of pro-life activists just as strongly as anyone else:

However, whenever the radical pro-life activists cross the line to physically threatening abortion clinic doctors, staff or patients in any way, or by committing any act of violence or social terrorism, or by physically blocking entrances or paths leading to abortion clinics, we fully support their prosecution and sentencing to the full extent of the law.

In any discussion about pro-life, Religious Right activists, we feel we must point out the staggering hypocrisy of their positions with regard to First Amendment protections. They advocate all sorts of restrictions on rock music on the premise that it leads to violent acts being committed by rock fans. How about abortion clinic bombings and murders of abortion providing physicians? Does the rhetoric of pro-life groups similarly act as the *cause* for individuals to bomb these clinics and kill these doctors? You would think that if they were so concerned about stopping violence as they claim to be when attacking rock music, they would be for similar bans on the speech of those on their side of the political coin as well. If the song "Cop Killer" by Ice-T can cause a music fan to kill a police officer, then certainly much of the charged rhetoric coming from the pro-life groups could cause one of their followers killing an abortion provider. Yet for some reason they don't see it that way. This is because they are hypocrites. We at ROC take the position that neither form of speech *causes* violent acts to be committed, and that each person that decides to become violent is personally responsible for their own actions.

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