13. How does ROC feel about free speech for Nazi hate groups?

ROC is 100% against the message of Nazi hate-groups, but we also support their right to free speech. We don't feel it serves any purpose to silence those you oppose, nor do we agree with the idea of Political Correctness to rid society of any speech that may be offensive to some.

We think you get much more mileage from countering the points made by the Nazi groups than in any attempt to silence them. When you try to silence your enemies, A) it puts you in a light where you are unable to effectively counter an opinion, so instead you try to silence it, and that will not win many people to your beliefs and B) it allows your enemies to gain public sympathy by making them victims of oppression. No matter how delicious the irony may seem for Nazi sympathizers to become victims of oppression, we cannot agree with resorting to their methods of systematically silencing dissenting opinion.

ROC subscribes to the idea of letting a fool talk all they want and they will inevitably put their foot in their mouth to expose their ignorance. When Nazi or racist hate groups speak out, we feel it to be important for the public to be right there with speech of our own to counter their viewpoints and to shine the light brightly so the entire world can see the danger and the ignorance of their message.

While defending the rights of these groups to voice their ignorant opinions, we also support prosecuting these groups/indvididuals to the full extent of the law whenever they cross the line from merely speaking about their beliefs to acting on them in a manner where they commit violent acts to bring harm those they dislike.

There are those that would argue that allowing these groups to voice their opinions gives rise to the possibility that they may ascend to some level of political power to impose their beliefs on the people. Our answer to that claim is that while they are free to voice their opinions, the Constitution of the United States prevents our government from ever acting on their beliefs through law. Even if a member of a Nazi hate group was elected to office, they are still sworn to uphold the US Constitution. They would have to suspend the Constitution to enact their beliefs into law, then we just have to deal with the Civil War that would ensue. But we would get what we deserve in that case for having the stupidity to vote them into power. If the *only method* to prevent us as a society from voting Nazis into power is to violate their right to voicing their ignorant opinions, then we as a people have a long way to go before we can think of ourselves as civilized.

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