1. I'm doing a school project on music censorship, can you send me some information on the subject?

Here's the material we're sending out to students looking for help with their school projects:

First be sure to read the main page of this ABOUT ROC section. This is an overview about ROC---Who we are, how we started, some of the things we have done, some of the major music publications that have wrote about us and some of the bands we have worked with.

Click on this link and you're at the text archive section of THE ROC magazine. Here you can find everything that we have ever said about music censorship, plus some kick-ass interviews, music news and other items.

We also urge you to check out our "INCIDENT UPDATES" section at Here you will find reports about attempts of censorship from all around the country and even some international reports. It also has a Legislative Section that follows various anti-free expression bills that are being proposed in various states.

For current news information, please visit our ROC News Service at also mirrored at

After reading all the material we have published on the censorship issue, we invite you to make use of our ROC News Links Archive at for links to over 6000 stories available on the web covering the censorship issue and other related political and social issues.

And if you really want to see what started all of this, you've got to check this page out. Here you will find the full transcripts from the 1985 Senate Committee Hearings on rock lyrics. These hearings were instigated by Tipper Gore and her Parents Music Resource Center, the infamous PMRC. It was the PMRC who first introduced the hated "Tipper stickers". Among those who testified at these hearings against warning labels was Frank Zappa, John Denver and Twisted Sister's Dee Snider. It's at:

To learn more about your Constitutional rights, you can view the Bill of Rights and the various Bills and Declarations of Rights of all 50 State Constitutions on our Know Your Rights at

While you're on our site we urge you to sign all four of our anti-censorship petitions. One is against the warning labels on albums, Another is against WAL-MART's policy of not selling certain albums and forcing bands to water down their lyrics in oder to get into WAL-MART's racks. Another is a petition against the attempts to put a rating system on live concerts like was attempted recently in Michigan. And we have a petition that we are helping our friends at Friends of the First Amendment with. It is a general anti-censorship/Community Standards petition. They are important and your voice does count. All these petitions can be found on this page:

Here are some additional sites you may want to check out. These contain a wealth of additional information on music censorship, the PMRC and other related things. Have fun.

Brief History of Banned Music in the United States
ACLU Briefer -- Music Under Siege
Music Censorship
Anti-Censorship Page
Forms of Music Censorship
First Amendment survey on music censorship
Frank Zappa meets the Mothers of Prevention
Wal-Mart's CD Censorship
Censorship's New Wave
Banned in the USA
Censorship in America's Technological Society
MASS-M.I.C. Homepage
Option Magazine Interview with Frank Zappa about the PMRC
The Parents Music Resource Center from information to censorship
Rap, Rock and Censorship
See/Hear/Speak No Evil
Rock & Rap Confidential
First Amendment Cyber-Tribune
Tipper Gore's Guide To Dating Do's And Dont's (HA-HA!)

After looking around, tell us what you think. Your feedback is very important to us.

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