1. I'm doing a school project on music censorship, can you send me some information on the subject?
2. My school is threatening to punish me or has punished me simply for my appearance or choice of clothes, can you give me any advice or help in any way?
3. Define the word censorship?
4. Why are you opposed to warning labels and ratings systems?
5. With so many Democrats and Republicans in favor of censorship, who can I vote for?
6. Do violent TV programs, music, video games or movies cause people to become violent?
7. What's the latest news on censorship legislation?
8. Is there a law mandating that the record companies place the labels on their products and that stores must ID when minors attempt to purchase labeled material?
9. Why and when is music censored?
10. At what point does freedom of personal expression on a performer's part interfere with the rights of others in the form of what they find distasteful?
11. What kind of music is censored the most?
12. What can we do to fight censorship?
13. How does ROC feel about free speech for Nazi hate groups?
14. How does ROC feel about free speech for radical anti-abortion activists?
15. Why is ROC so hostile to religion, particularly Christians?
16. Do you have any material documenting the early battles of rock and roll against censorship?
17. What is corporate censorship?
18. What CD's have been censored by Wal-Mart?
19. How do I go about lining up an interview with anyone from ROC?
20. What do I have to do to get permission to reprint any of ROC's materials?
21. What does PMRC stand for?
22. Does the PMRC have a website?
23. I thought all this PMRC stuff was over a long time ago, why are you still talking about it?
24. What is ROC's opinion on internet filtering devices?
25. I'm in a band and really want to help out ROC, how can I help?
26. Do you have any additional materials you could send me?
27. Would Rock Out Censorship link to my website?
28. Can you add my band to your music linkbase listings?
29. Can you get in touch with a band in your linkbase for me?
30. How do I start my own micro-radio station?

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